Remembering Mums ....... My Graveyard Riddle!!

Released On 6th Mar 2016

I guess it isn’t standard to open a Mother’s Day piece with a photo of a floral tribute in a graveyard – but whilst I know very little about my Great Grandmother Amy, I have always been struck by this photo – I think it says a lot about her and on investigation actually there is more to it than initially meets the eye.
Amy Theodora Barry died in 1938 – Amy had 12 children, (which obviously is one reason for all the flowers!!) 
I think Amy looks like a kind intelligent lady, whom I know worked very hard together with her husband Walter, their 6 sons and many grandsons in the family business – Leather Tanning. 
There’s no sexism here – I feel sure the 6 Barry daughters rolled their sleeves up as well – but sadly I have no definite proof.

Anyway, my mystery – looking at the graveyard photo you think;
“Wow she was popular – folk were sad when she died – nice lot of flowers – enough said ”

Except ........Amy died on the 4th January 1938, now I feel sure that photo was never taken in January – look at the trees & the grass. 
Even nowadays with cultivated flowers and imported blooms we’d be hard pushed to round up a collection like that in January. 

​So when was the photo taken?? Were these flowers a tribute for Mother’s Day, Easter or perhaps remembering Amy on her birthday?  – Sadly I’ll never know, but what I can deduce from it – yes she was a well-loved lady, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Friend and Boss.


​We have this photo of Amy & Walter on the wall in the canteen “over--seeing” their legacy.
5 generations of the Barry clan have now been involved in the family business, and if we could all regularly follow our matriarch’s example I am sure the company would benefit exponentially.


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