""Should I stay or should I go now??.....

Released On 10th Jun 2016

 I know it’s the Festival girl in me – but every time I hear that dreaded Brexit question I want to burst into song.

The question was best asked by Glastonbury favourite Joe Strummer et al and it’s one that I am finding increasingly difficult to answer:

Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
and if I stay it will be double
so come on and let me know

This indecision's bugging meyou ain’t kidding!  

​And that is what I find so frustrating;  in life I generally find it fairly easy to make a decision, I have strong opinions and voice them, I usually have a feeling I think is right and I go with it – but what’s the worst that can happen;  red not orange – two handles not one – Spag Bol not Chilli .

And even on bigger things I am usually determined, none of which comes from any point of knowledge I might add, just from a gut feeling – but it has always served me well in the past.

So why am I dithering now?? Why did I allow doubt and different opinions to infiltrate my psyche?  Goodness knows, as everyone is saying, why we can’t get to the facts and frankly the more you hear the two factions speak the more divisive they both sound.

Where did I start? – Well as a business woman running an award winning business – (quick plug here – sorry) –  OBL got Winner of Best International Business 2016 last week at the Mendip Business awards – whoop whoop.

So, as an International business woman with trade throughout Europe and the US, I was going to vote IN. – The status quo works well for us now, trade is good – don’t rock the boat (as you can tell – big thinker !!)

Anyway all was fine – I was IN, until Ann Widdecombe – staunch OUT campaigner – came to visit the factory.  It wasn’t me who asked the question.... (I just wanted to flog her bags!!) but someone did (Emma!) and I politely started to listen and that is when the doubt set in, as you can imagine, Ann (who is a delightful lady)  was very eloquent, and very persuasive in her argument and despite being one of the strong YES voters in 1975 now wants to exit Europe to enable Britain to recover its political sovereignty and that now is our only opportunity to do so – and that was when the rot set in and I started reading hers and other people’s opinions and started jumping from side to side.

Traditionally, as Brits we are very tolerant, generally we allow people their own viewpoint and would never consider forcing our opinions upon our neighbours (especially not political or religious opinions) but this civilized stance seems to be going to hell in a handcart and getting quite heated.  People/peers/friends seem to want to drag me in, look to me for my thoughts, my reputation for being decisive goes before me - leave me alone – sadly, I don’t know – I wish I did!  

So 23rd June – what will I do??  At the moment not sure, but what I do know, is that by the time I walk into the polling station I will have had direction shown to me, something will have happened or been said, to have clarified my mind and laid out the correct path for me, and that is where I shall put my cross then I will walk forward, never look back and never doubt my belief………………………………………..arghhhhhhh unless of course you can persuade me otherwise. 

Should I cool it or should I blow?  – YOU tell me??!!!!!.

Lyrics courtesy of The Clash – 1981.
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