Sir, I would like to strongly protest....

Sir, I would like to strongly protest....

Released On 14th Jan 2018

I do love the fashion industry, every day it makes me smile - fashion brings enjoyment and self esteem to many people, it is a creative and passionate industry, who’s direction and forward thinking moulds life as we see it everyday.

Ideas and designs we see on the fashion catwalks will filter down and soon become the trends/colours and themes that pervade our everyday living, from interior design, thru sports team kit to packets of cereal.

But more than anything, I love it when “my” industry, (thought by some to be vain, unnecessary, vacuous and gratuitous) stands up and shows the world that it is not afraid to lead the way and protest. 

It will make a stylish statement for right causes - even at its own expense.

Last weekend was the first of the years major awards ceremonies - The Golden Globes, and as everybody tuned in to see the celebrities, winners, losers and general hangers on, it quickly became apparent that something unusual had happened.
Something that even the most non-fashion aware person couldn’t fail to notice.
The usual catwalk of stunning red-carpet creations modelled by the leading A listers had all been replaced by black couture, still stunning - but black none the less.

Now you might think, so what, every women has a LBD in her wardrobe, no biggy. Not true.

Actually, it was a massive undertaking and financial sacrifice by the worlds fashion houses; you see, these awards ceremonies and gatherings are the fashion industry’s main opportunity to advertise, and in doing so reinforce their place and designs on the world stage.
Surely, everybody looks through the red-carpet photos and has an opinion on their favourites, we always remember the stunners, Rihanna - long yellow fur cape at the Met Ball - is iconic. Doing that with black in a sea of black is almost impossible.

But did this loss of impact opportunity stop the fashion industry rallying together with the actresses and help contribute to an important message? - did it hell.

So there’s the challenge, make everybody look beautiful in a statement black gowns with 5 weeks notice (over the Christmas break) it was no mean feat, but I for one think they did it with marvellous style, dignity and aplomb.
In these days of fake news, it is only the power of image that really makes a statement we can trust - and the fashion industry certainly made a statement of solidarity.
Remember, previous protests - the anti Trump pussy hats, those crowds were impactful on their own, but to be seen in a Pussy hat offering support was a proud act for a lot of women.
Of course,  we have the suffragette movement to thank, we only have to look at the Suffragette marches - they used fashion with extreme impact in their day - raising their hems above their ankles to signify “change was coming” - Thank you ladies.
Back at home, the BAFTA nominations were announced this week, and now I would like to protest, at the non inclusion of marvellous Somerset based film The Levelling.
Some of the UK’s most knowledgeable film critics have been expressing their frustration at this glaring oversight. A situation thought even more surprising as The Levelling WON in the Scottish Baftas !

It is the first full length film by female director Hope Dickson Leach, it is based on the pain, frustration and hardship caused to farmers on The Somerset Levels following the devastating floods of 2014. A stunning film, that I must wholeheartedly recommend.
Such a shame that it won’t get its 15mins in the sun.
Anyway, that’s my protest made – I’ll go and put my placards away, especially as the Donald seems to be staying at home for the moment.

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