Advent Day 10 Minnie Clutches

Advent Day 10 Minnie Clutches

Released On 9th Dec 2019


It was both amusing and worrying that when we were sorting out the various Minnie's in natural Grey cowhide, that the infamous book/movie Fifty Shades of Grey came to mind, there are indeed a lot of different nuances of grey throughout the selection.

We didn't realise how sought after grey cowhide is  - historically for Owen Barry tricolour and rich shades of Brown, Black & White have always been our goto natural cowhide! But when we were visiting one of our cowhide suppliers they were somewhat surprised that we weren't interested in Grey !! -

"No why would we be ?"  I asked

"Well we can't get enough - everybody wants them for their homes"

I must have looked a bit sideways, why would anybody want grey cowhide rugs, especially to the level that this huge supplier was suggesting?

He explained "The favourite decor colour at the moment is grey, everywhere grey, white and beige, so grey cowhide rugs are the obvious choice to accessorise that look" yes of course... learn something new every day.

Anyway, not long after that conversation, we were asked to make a cowhide beanbag, yes you've guessed it from Grey natural cowhide!

The panels for a bean bag are quite large and so we have areas of the skin not large enough to cut, this is where the Minnie come from, they are an ideal size to be manufactured from the upcycled waste.

When you look into these bags it is indeed beautiful to see all of the different shades of grey that are hidden in these skins - Not quite as heart-pumping EL James - but pretty good none the less.


Check out the video here 






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