Advent Day 28 Toscana Earmuffs

Advent Day 28 Toscana Earmuffs

Released On 28th Dec 2019

So the time between Christmas has lots of different names Twixtmas, Romjul,  Fallow , the Gusset and our favourite Chrimbo Limbo.

If you are lucky enough to have time off during Chrimbo Limbo, we find that very often it is a time of great plans and very little acheivements : 

Here are a few of our objectives and ideals if we get some of these under our belt, I will be happy.

1) Another Place by Antony Gormley, we were lucky enough to attend his exhibition at the Royal Academy back in November and I stated then that Another Place just north of Liverpool was my Christmas go to , I have been several times before but absolutely love it - so that is number one on my must do. - Yes ideal earmuff wearing venue

2) Hadrian's Wall, well if we are that far North, what harm in going a bit further Brett is very keen to walk a length of Hadrian's Wall by Walltown Crags in Cumbria - so that's the second ideal earmuff wearing venue.

3) Star Wars - The rise of Skywalker, yes it's received mixed reviews, but you have to watch it on the big screen, it's a bit like James Bond and Lord of the Rings, absolutely no point in experiencing it on anything less than full blast. - No not a great earmuff wearing venue - although if the John Williams sound track is mega loud, then may be ?

4) Clean the drive and front garden - all of the "must do's" go down hill from here on, but the algae on the tarmac needs a good dose of Jeyes fluid and a spray washer thingy - hmmm yes earmuffs will work here as well, I think they will be better on Brett though, perhaps I could get away with making pasties from the left over turkey in the meantime ?   

5) Planning next years events, collections, social media and much much more - a real sit down and focus time, hopefully I will grab a day or two to do this - Earmuffs on, if the TV is going in the background then yes as noiseblockers they work a treat !

Those are just a quick few of my must dos from Chrimbo Limbo - what are yours ?

Video with Cindi modelling earmuffs - not good for these of a sensitive disposition 


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