Advent Day 30 Boo Sheepskin Bag

Advent Day 30 Boo Sheepskin Bag

Released On 30th Dec 2019

Todays Advent Offer is a perfect bag for the moment.

Sheepskin is massively popular at the moment, because it is ticking all of the eco and environmental positive boxes.

All OB Sheepskin is 100% a bi -product of the food industry, that is tanned and finished in very controlled and environmentally friendly tanneries to a minimum of REACH standard.

These little Boo bags take the upcycling one step further, they are all hand cut and made from the left overs of coat production. Here at OB we make coats for some of the worlds finest designers and retailers, because sheepskin is a natural product, it sometimes comes with its own natural defects this means that if there are pieces that aren't good enough for the coats then these are ideal for smaller items - so this together with the cutting waste is perfect for upcycling into these gorgeous crossbody bags,  p.s. even the leather in the ribbon straps is tanned with vegetable matter. this means no chemicals, even nicer :o) 

Check out the Boo video here

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