Advent Day 9 Toscana Shrugs

Advent Day 9 Toscana Shrugs

Released On 9th Dec 2019

Fur & the luxury fashion market  - we need an ethical and an environmental answer, here at Owen Barry we sincerely believe that sheepskin offers that alternative.

Until we all become vegetarian, then we have to face facts that sheep (and cows etc) will be farmed for their meat;  whilst that is the case, we believe that turning the waste from that process into something beautiful is a good thing. If it wasn't for the skill of tannery technicians the skins from these animals would go into landfill, there is no other use for them. 

Real Fur - is not an alternative and we are seeing governments and business the world over, blocking and dropping the use of real fur.

Faux Fur, whilst the animal rights people will say that faux and vegan leather is the option to pick, please consider the plastic's and petrochemicals it takes to produce these faux fur products and the fact that it takes 400 - 500 years for these items to decompose and the microbeads that are being discharged into the worlds seas & waters in the meantime.

Here at Owen Barry, we are a member of LeatherUK, which is a very proactive member of the Worlds leather advisory board, ensuring both the promotion of British Leather and it's industry plus advising on environmental & ethical issues.

LeatherUK has huge information resources if you want to learn more about this subject, please check them out at - also OB have regular open days and factory tours when we are pleased to show, discuss and demonstrate our knowledge of and the beauty of the skins that we have loved and have been working with for over 70 years.


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