Spartacus, Milan & Doris ....phew busy old week!!

Released On 25th Feb 2017

Round up of the week events.......

Monday - Shop make over – WOW – you will be so impressed;

Two huge illuminated pigeon hole display units were hauled up stairs by the lads from the factory – you’ve seen Spartacus, with the teams of slaves being thrashed as they rolled massive slabs of stone to build the pyramids – Well this was like an action replay; our team (minus oiled chests and loin cloths - phewww) heaved up two equally as heavy monoliths and installed them in the new larger layout.  Eliza has done a fantastic job of dressing them showcasing a vast array of styles, giving you the opportunity to see all our most popular silhouettes close up and personal – pop in and have a look.

Milan – the very early hours of Tuesday morning saw Chas, Eliza and I set off to Gatwick for the 7am flight to Milan, home of the biannual leather show “Lineapelle” – the world’s largest skin, tanning and findings show and of course the Milanese taxi drivers go on strike!! – Actually, for us no biggie as I tracked down the free bus to the show ground – front of queue (Brits abroad) - result.  

So, we walked the halls, attended the trends seminars (at a cost of €120!- robbers!) and generally scoured the event to bring you the very best in on trend skins, colours, finishes and hardware. 

Tuesday evening’s pedometer declared 7 miles walking / 8 hours standing, so a quick freebie antipasti in the bar, a review of the days finds and I was asleep and snoring by 9pm.

Wednesday saw us rise, revived but starving; so, in true OB fashion us Somerset girls hit the buffet breakfast. We elbowed the skinny Italian fellas out of the way, (you know the ones with tight rolled trousers, tanned sockless ankles, pristine slimline shirts and eyebrows I could only dream off !!) – as I say,  we pushed past them and their two slices of pineapple/ expresso “blow out brekkies” WTF !!-   to fill our dinner plates with  Somerset size portions of pastries, croissants,  sausage meatballs, cereals, with,  of course,  the healthy diet option of fruit and yoghurt – we’re not heathens !! 

Three trips back to the buffet saw us primed and loaded for the day ahead – mind you what Eliza intended to do with the 7 sachets of Nutella that she had snaffled was a little beyond me - but hey ho.

Wednesday’s step count was a miserly 5 miles! but some great work done – taxi’s back in action, flight to Blightly and back home – 46 hours from when we left.

Thursday didn’t see any let up, review of the skins we sourced, drill down the colours and order samples from the tanneries – good work.  

Then we had to finalise the planning for the following days photo shoot – stood in the showroom with Hurricane Doris blowing the tiles through our suspended ceiling like popping bottle tops, we were unsure what wardrobe would work !! – But as mentioned in previous blogs planning is everything, so Chas & Eliza set about finalising outfits and bag combos – I started praying for more clement weather! 

Friday came and Doris went – thank you God, to reveal a glorious day, sunshine, blue skies and the beautiful city of Wells - starting in the Swan Hotel Courtyard, past the Cathedral, Vicars Close, The Moat, all the quintessential Wells landmarks, with final shots being Layla dancing on the bandstand with the setting sun behind her – who needs La La Land? – As always, Tim captured some stunning OB imagery, just 8 miles from the factory and as Emma says everybody loves our “Postcards from Somerset”.

Saturday - Well last week kicked off the Spring Clean Sale –  last Saturday saw approx. 50 bags in the factory clearance being reduced for the final time.

This Saturday is mid-way and we are on the home straight – but check out the website, there are still some great bargains to be had before March 4th, when the offer ends and the unsold stragglers get taken down off the web and are put away in storage to emerge phoenix like at the Down and Dirty weekend in November – ha – but that’s a whole other story as we know.

Next week – well one thing I do know,  I am taking my boots down to Steve Lukins to get them re-soled – you think I’m joking, believe me I am not !!
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