The Christmas (Xmas) Creep.....

Released On 5th Nov 2016

What’s next on the horizon ?? – The Christmas Creep – I despise him (surprise surprise) – but of course, nowadays there two other events that could stop his cavorting …..

With Bonfire night tonight, you know what that means –tomorrow morning the flood gates open and we start to get bombarded by multiple Santa’s of all shapes and sizes, or as it is known in retail terms the full on Christmas Creep.

Actually the Christmas Creep will have been doing exactly what his name describes for possibly two months now,  nudging into your peripheral vision, the trimmings, the Christmas chocolates, the cheap booze all being put in front of you, so now that our favourite traitor has been burnt for another year –

That’s it, a free for all - let loose the baubles, glitter, reindeers and Noddy Holder.

What do we do?? For a small scale operation like Owen Barry it is very difficult to know, it seems far too early and in some ways insulting to start besieging our customers with blatant present plying plus don’t forget there’s still two other ugly occurrences on the marketing calendar that we still have to overcome; Singles Day and Black Friday

Singles day the 11th November i.e. 11:11 is absolutely massive in China, the bare sticks holiday is a festival that started with young Chinese people to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single. The date, four ones is chosen because the number ""1"" resembles an individual that is alone, and present giving to and from this target audience is on a scale we have very little concept of in the West. 

Singles day has become the largest online shopping day in the world with last year the online sales in one day being in excess of £10 billion - that is well in excess of the whole annual turnover of most UK high street retailers being spent in less than 24 hours – crazy!

Do UK retailers try to hop on this bandwagon?? I certainly hope NOT.

Of course, “we” already have with Black Friday, another stupid import from America (to sit alongside Trick or Treat).  Black Friday really has now become an aberration to cause the Christmas Creep to stumble in his tracks. When the normal considered UK Christmas gift buying timetable has to be put on hold just in case some weak willed retailer has a Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer that can’t be refused (very unlikely).

So how does this effect OB ? – well I don’t suppose it does that much, cuzz as you know we only have our Down & Dirty Sale one day a year and that’s all over now bar the shouting.

But even so – do we dust off tinsel yet? Or trawl Google images for bauble pictures to festoon the website with?  - Great discussions have been had here and as Emma does point out, many of our ladies will be buying Owen Barry to complement their Christmas outfits so it would be wrong to be to be completely “Ebenezer”. 

So our new pre-Christmas website launches on Monday and you will notice, I won, (ha ha)  NO baubles.  All we have are stars at the moment, and those stars are based around our Riggster bag as featured in November edition of Prima magazine, plus Star keyrings in the Silver and Gold Acido which are very much on trend at the moment.

So sorry, if you’re someone who enjoys the arrival of the Christmas Creep you will have to get your fix elsewhere,  but please do come back again on December 1st when we will look like the epitome of Christmas  - Fat, red and slightly frazzled – nothing new there then!
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