The truth hurts:- Rick vs Amazon & Dunkirk

The truth hurts:- Rick vs Amazon & Dunkirk

Released On 29th Jul 2017

The truth hurts - over the years that I have grown old in business, I have come to learn that most intelligent real people understand that statement.

Statistics show that this blog will actually be read by people – so I am hoping that you are real and intelligent people.

Cuzz sadly this week some home truths came home to roost.

For a brief window Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos took over from the legend and now philanthropist Bill Gates,  as the world's richest person,  following a surge in the online retailer's shares.

“Sadly” the stock in the tech giant that is the worlds largest internet-based retailer fell back again, leaving him second with the miserly sum of $88.5bn to his name.

Aaawww shame……. did that sound sincere?            Bugger it wasn’t meant to.

Whilst all this was happening a much less affluent gentleman in the business world was out trudging the UK High Streets doing market research.

Rick has been given the dubious task of touring the counties of Britain, looking for good independent retailers who could and should stock Owen Barry.

With our large selection beautiful British products, whether from our handbag collection, the interior & lifestyle range or the cold weather accessories range you would hope that finding possible potential shops who could stock, offer and sell our products to the public would be quite straight forward.

So, on Tuesday morning leaving his chickens welfare in the hands of a very accommodating next-door neighbour, Rick headed off to research the towns, cities and villages of Wiltshire.
He had a roaming brief, and list of established and old customers, plus a list of prospects that had approached us over the years and were recorded on our data base.

Cut to Friday, and the horror story that was his debrief.

As all Brits of a certain age, we have been taught we must laugh in the face of adversity and we did have a snorting good giggle (Chas even ejected her coffee down her nose at one point) so descriptive (and frustrated) were his anecdotes, for example: -

The most exciting thing in one town was the funeral procession – the coffin being strapped to the back of a flatbed lorry.

Followed by, the next town that was so down at heel even the Wetherspoons had closed, yes frightening but true!

And so, it went on, town after town, shops shut, leads gone, none of them any longer had shops or even shop singular that could potentially stock Owen Barry products.

Some were nice tourist towns but occupied with coffee shops, restaurants and cheap gift shops. Others were based around precincts where the anchors were Poundland, and charity shops reigned but the rest were boarded up.

Some had the John Lewis and regulatory High Street names, that mean you could be anywhere in or out of town.

Poor Rick, my heart went out to him.

Through the laughing, I could have cried, because he tried so hard, he schlepped the streets in the searing heat and the pouring rain.  He so wanted to come back successful, he wanted to come back brandishing a list of potential stockists whom we could approach to deliver the Owen Barry brand to a discerning intelligent audience who want to support and buy local, British, ethical products.

But no, not this week – the only man who was successful was the man who is killing our High Street’s by providing the trading forum where cheap, or massive wins.

The man who packs pens in huge cardboard coffins that rape the planet – but hey you’ll get it in 15 hours, 12 minutes from now and it only cost .99p.

Some of you will say we should just hop on the bus, join the programme - put Owen Barry on Amazon.

But just in case you didn’t realise, we can’t do that.

We want to support our independent retailers that are still out there on the High Streets of Britain fighting to bring you beautiful ethical, ideally, British products.
We will keep searching for them – can you help and recommend any please?

P.S. Have you been to the cinema to see Dunkirk yet?

The Truth Hurts Rick vs Amazon Dunkirk

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