Valentine's Heart & Hearts

Released On 14th Feb 2016

With Valentine’s Day approaching,  images of hearts and flowers are everywhere, but the most beautiful heart that I can think of is the one that has been weather etched over time into the glorious Red Stone of Uluru (Ayers Rock to us old ‘uns).

For my fiftieth year and Chas’s 21st all five of us went on a touring holiday of Australia – we love driving and exploring, so with no real itinerary, just a hire car, we set off travelling the length of the Bruce Highway from Brisbane to Cairns, many stops along the way but with no accommodation booked the experience was very diverse, from sleeping on a beach Christmas Eve (no vacancies anywhere!)  To snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef on Christmas Day - glorious.

But the Valentines Heart? – Well, we took a detour flying back south to Sydney and headed to the heart of Australia – Uluru, it was there that we saw the heart. 

​On a guided sunrise tour starting at 4am, we walked the 6 mile circumference of the rock experiencing the beautiful light and shadows caused as the sun rose above all the fissures, gullies and caves that have been eroded from Uluru’s surface in the last 600 million years.

​We learnt about Dreamtime the essence of Aboriginal culture and the spirituality of the ancestors, all of this heritage has been etched by the elements into the rock and our guide showed us and explained the legends.
In honesty “the Heart” is very much a 20th century device (funnily enough Hallmark didn’t have a huge following in indigenous Aborigine society) but for us sad westernised folk it was another great photo opportunity, and in fairness, I think Mother Nature has done a marvellous job of etching a magnificent heart into the Heart of Australia.
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