Visit Somerset by Ian Brodie

Released On 7th May 2016

PictureThe Quantocks
I am SO excited –perhaps most people will think I am nuts but yesterday Ian Brodie released an eBook on Somerset and I am nearly beside myself with glee.

Seriously folks, this book encompasses some of the things that I love most in the world 
  • Somerset,
  • Outstanding Photography
  • The man who was our “travel companion and guide” around New Zealand – Ian Brodie.
  • Tolkien - Lord of the Rings/Hobbit courtesy of Peter Jackson.

For those of you who don’t realise what a coup this is for Somerset – get your head around this:-

For this e book Visit Somerset has commissioned the man who has helped Tolkien fans like me find our way around the real life Middle Earth locations all over New Zealand.  For the last 14 years he has virtually devoted all his photography publishing to the Hollywood behemoth that has become The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings through the eyes of Peter Jackson.

​If you look up Ian’s back catalogue and ask what Wanaka is? -That is Peter Jackson’s other passion, World War I & II aircraft (and yes we have looked around the Wanaka museums as well).

SO this visit Somerset book is virtually the first thing this artisan genius has taken on since Hollywood – absolutely phenomenal, and believed to be  it is the first of its kind anywhere in the UK.

What does it include? _ well everything really - the book takes people on a journey through Somerset's iconic history and heritage which includes the foundations of European Christianity, Exmoor National Park, the Levels, the West Somerset Railway (longest steam railway in the UK) Glastonbury Festival, and obviously all of our stately homes and beautiful beaches etc.

​What I like about it, is the inclusion of our core culture as well, so looking at local delicacies like cheddar cheese and cider that have become global staples plus our inherent trades, willow, leather etc.
It really is diverse, stunningly beautiful and really informative.

​Link to Visit Somerset by Ian Brodie

So – what next??

Well, Wednesday May 11th is Somerset Day , to raise aware of Somerset Day and to launch this book, a group of the great and good from Somerset are going to the Houses of Parliament to present a copy to the Prime Minister plus remind him, that  Somerset's tourism and leisure economy alone is worth a staggering £1.3 billion per annum!

So get your cider chilling, it would be a shame not to raise a glass (or two) on Somerset Day in celebration of our marvelous county.
......Cheers Me’dears

Stockhill Heather Moor
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Berrow Beach
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