Waiting for the Aurora Borealis....

Released On 10th Dec 2016

So I am writing this sat outside a cottage on the edge of the Golden Circle in the South West of Iceland waiting for the Northern Lights to appear. 

Waiting for the Aurora Borealis is a bit like waiting for Christmas, sat here with very mixed  emotions ranging from excitement thru boredom but eventually settling on thankfulness. 

We have to be thankful for many things, not least a warm sheepskin coat, a real Icelandic sheepskin rug to line our chairs plus chunky hats, scarves and woollen blankets.

Thankful for the fact that earlier this evening we saw the swirling green lights ""dancing"" (very slowly) in the night sky whilst we relaxed in geo thermal hot spas of varying temperatures, sadly now however, the lights seem more elusive - but, hey ho, if only I could organise the stars !!

This pre Christmas trip has been superb, (it is our first time to Iceland but we will definitely be back again). It was supposedly daughter Chas and her partner Jacks birthday pressie, but as my son Mack is briefly back to the UK from ""cheffing"" down under we decided that we would make it into a 4 day family event and I am extremely thankful for that. 

Thank you Easy Jet-  so cheap out of Bristol you have to love Stelios and his bright orange brigade.

Thank you to the Icelander's who have made us feel so welcome.

Back to work on Monday, but big thank you all of the OB team of elves left behind doing a marvellous job keeping OB afloat and sending out the advent goodies in our absence.

I am thinking of you, only today I saw bags of dried fish (like a cod jerky) that I was going to take back as a holiday ""thank you gift"", the Icelandic equivalent to Blackpool rock - Brett said the team wouldn't like it and would rather have toffees from Lidl - I'm not sure,  frankly, I think he was trying to save a pound (but don't tell them). 

It has just turned midnight - my fingers are starting to freeze, strangely the cockerel from the farm has been crowing, it is most unusual - I guess with such long nights he finds it difficult to get his clock straight. Well I shall have to set my alarm, go in now for a warm up and then perhaps emerge again at say three am to see if there is any more sky action then !!

Night night

 Oh yes - So thank you most of all for finding beauty in OB products - hopefully that special OB something isn't as elusive as these bloody Northern Lights - good grief I'm cold - I'm going to bed xxx.
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