Wash Day Wednesday & Down & Dirty SALE!!

Released On 17th Sep 2016

Throughout our factory, in the workshops, offices and shop, we have a rule, we are supposed to devote the last Wednesday morning of the month to tidying up, clearing up old jobs, finishing part made protos, making good repairs and generally completing early development samples and “stuff”.

Unfortunately because of the overwhelming amount of orders that we have to manufacture this regular project has been somewhat overlooked of late.

However, at this time of year (much like in the spring) there is a general need within people to tidy and get things in order, historically this cleaning motivation has been driven by the need to get rid of dust and grime in the breeding places where insects, mites and rodents gather before the shutting of doors and windows for the winter, thereby ensuring that none of this “wildlife” is trapped inside and given shelter thru out the winter.

Fortunately our workshops are nowhere near that grubby, but it is very satisfying clearing the decks and finishing up old projects – it is rewarding to get a blank canvas ready for new challenges ahead. 
We at Owen Barry also do this regular tidying with another goal in mind, we have our annual “Down and Dirty” sample sale in our sights , this event only happens once a year and it only occurs for 1 day plus preview party evening the night before.

Our annual sale is when all of the old stock, one off pieces, samples, end of lines, protos, repairs and 2nds all get to find a new home. Everything has to go – yes really, this isn’t some marketing slogan, we want rid, – so everything is priced at a level to encourage a change of ownership within the space of 10 hours, we can’t have any dithering , everything is priced such that it would be “rude not to”.

Already as I am sat at my desk I am just looking at what is behind me “waiting to be tidied” and here is what I found  - this is like live TV – Saturday 17th Sept 7.40am  and I have just unearthed:
  • 2 x olive suede slouchy shoulder bags trialling new shapes earlier this year–
  • 1 x red & white striped printed leather in a large fold over clutch from Japanese development, 
  • A very grubby old gold Keinton shopper cut from some old Mulberry leather we bought -        I intended to keep this bag for myself but have never used!
  • A very cute vintage clip top bag we received for Anthropologie as “inspiration”
  • A little leather purse/wallet thing in eau de nil metallic
  • A huge oversized Black Sheepskin Pom Pom  keyring
  • A brown suede document bag 
  • A sample faux Ivory bean bag, received from a client who wanted us to make the same shape in real sheepskin – we will just refill it.
Those are just a tiny example of the “stuff” we have and will unearth in readiness for the Annual Down and Dirty Sale and rest assured they will be priced to clear – with 10 hours to clear 1 year’s goodies they have to be cheap – no, not “inexpensive” we aren’t posh during D&D this is CHEAP!.

Oh yes , the date, preview evening is Friday 4th November 5.30pm sharp, this is an advanced grab for all our Friends and Family, if you have gotten to the end of this blog, then for endurance alone you are classed as an OB “F&F” so come on down and have a glass of punch or prosecco. 

The following day Saturday 5th November will see stock replenished and the doors open at 9.30 am prompt.
However, I would say, we have caught onto the ladies who “just have to come in to use the toilet” and then start grabbing stock in advance – the toilets are separate now, away from the bargains – so no early squirrelling!! 

Looking forward to seeing you – I’d better go a wandering and find some more goodies.

​In the meantime we still have some great bargains on last seasons styles, colours & samples please click through to: FACTORY SHOP & SALE ITEMS

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