Wedding Faux Pas ??!!

Released On 30th Apr 2016

With wedding season in full flow, I feel we all have an undeniable responsibility to make a concerted effort.

Brett & I have been lucky enough to be invited to 3 weddings in the last year and yes I know they must have been hard up for numbers ! 

All 3 couples put a lot of thought, months of planning & huge expense into their special day.  Many individual touches to make their services and celebrations memorable, they focused on the very smallest of details, ensuring friends and families felt welcome, mingled, involved and even had memento's of the special day.

So why on earth, do some guests repay that kindness with little or no effort ?

I felt angry on behalf of ""the lovers""  - with a photographer costing (I guess) £1500 taking pictures that are going to be saved for posterity possibly in an album, or worse a frame why in the sam hill wouldn't you at least:  
~ iron your outfit
~ make sure it fits and covers your body 
~ not wear your grandmas old cardigan that's as grey and wrinkly as she was 

And don't get me started on the accessories - I saw.... 

- carrier bags being carried (yes I josh you not)

- filthy canvas bags that should have been left on the beach in 1995 (or washed, radical I know) 
- synthetic leather bags with edges/straps so frayed and cracked they were begging for mercy.

I know I sound like a snob - but I think if money is tight or you don't have the time to go shopping then one or two really nice well presented co-ordinated outfits ready prepared in your wardrobe is all you need, I believe you should never be bothered about wearing the same pieces time and again,  as long as it looks good. 

Co-ordination and finishing touches are the key; handbag, shoes, hat, can really make an ensemble look far more than the sum of its parts. 

Owen Barry offer a fantastic bespoke service with over 80 colours being offered every season, plus we have archive leathers also available, we can help coordinate even the most difficult of colours. We have a knowledgable, hands on team in the shop and workshop who will try to help make sure you get exactly the shade and style you want.

Our Social Media posts showed examples that we have put together recently with the help of Louise from The Frock Shop at Brent Knoll, and below are a further selection of our Wedding suggestions.

If you don't want your family and friends trying to photoshop you out of their special day - please remember, you are never going to be able to upstage the bride , but at least give her a run for her money. 
Shown above
Bambi in Slate Cowhide on Tin Leather £60 - from the Creators Collection (Ready to Wear)
Bambi in Silver Acido £60 - from the Bespoke Collection (Made to Order)
Cashmere & Marino Wrap in Silver £135 - from the Accessories Collection (Available Now) 
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