What is the most important feature in a handbag ?

Released On 25th Nov 2018

What is the most important feature in a handbag? 

The question was; Do we have to forgo bag security for statement, style, convenience or speed of access? and which, if any of those is the most important ? 


Well in the need for transparency, I have to declare right now, that I don’t have the definitive answer, but in this blog I will reveal some of the results I found out this weekend. 


Over the last couple of days I have been attending one of my favourite retail events of the year the “Owen Barry Bespoke Bag opportunity” at The Herbary in Troon.


Here,  regular and new OB customers get the opportunity of having their choice of OB bag customised to their requirements at no extra cost, with the added promise of their commissioned bag(s) arriving in time for Christmas.


The team and the customers at The Herbary are absolutely delightful, with some, over the years, becoming really great friends.  

So of course,  when you are in the company of good friends open debate can happen, and when a group of stylish strong ladies get together none of them is backward in coming forward with their opinion!


I guess the debate started, when Alice relayed the story of a “pickpocket  event”  that happened whilst on holiday, from a zipper bag , yes there’s the rub, a purse was stolen from a zipped up handbag ! 

Don’t panic, in this instance there was a happy ending, the incident was being watched by an undercover police officer (the area was a well known tourist target) - upon returning the stolen purse, he admitted to having watched the theft and advised as a “regular on the beat” (not sure they actually say that in Majorca !) - but he advised flaps on bags, in his experience, these were the thing most likely to deter criminals  ! - interesting.


Of course, OB manufactures bags with flaps, zips, drawstrings, magdots  and even snap hinges; so as the ladies were choosing their customised bags it was interesting to see which women considered security, which were purely interested in style and colour and which ladies seriously evaluated the pros and cons of all aspects. 


My weekend discovery tells me this, comfort and ease of usage is paramount, pockets are key, as is versatility, i.e. a bag with more than one function, design feature or opportunity for usage.


So what about style?  Well it has to look good - obvs !  

But no BS here, the amount of times I heard “ I just love them all!”   Of course most people drilled down to just one style (although not all !), and here crossbody or combo styles just nudged ahead, a reflection of our busy life’s I guess.


And colour ? Again no outright winner, with a palette of 40 colours+ and nearly limitless combinations to choose from, there was a lot of creative juices flowing, but if I had to guess: 

Rock came first, Firebird second, with a Silver Acido combo of some kind, a close third. ( but please know, Teal, Red, Tan, Platino, Tricolour, Ianthe, Black and many more all had very good showings ! ) 


So what does that tell us ? - nothing whatsoever!  Except that creativity and individuality is strong and thriving when it comes to making handbag choices in Troon! 


However,  there was one thing that all of the ladies could agree on without exception - any guesses? 


Nope, not the beautiful quality....No nor the tactile leather... nah lifetime guarantee - phuggg 


The one thing without exception that every Owen Barry user loves is “lightweight” ! 

I don’t necessarily think she buys the bag initially because it’s lightweight but I do think she uses it time and time and time again because it is so lightweight and comfy! 


There you have it, the results from the Scottish Jury 


Lightweight, versatile and comfy = 1st 

Style and colour = 2nd 

Everything else  = important but not deal breakers.


If you care to share your thoughts on whether I have completely lost the plot , I would be pleased to hear from you.









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