Why Santa should buy British....

Released On 26th Nov 2016

Do you think us Brits are patriotic as a nation ? 

I would say - yes we are:-
• We love our country,
• We love our counties, there’s nowt more passionate than a Yorkshire man (well, about cricket anyway!)
• We love our royal family, now more than any time in the last 40 years.
• We honour our forces woe betide any “celebrity” who doesn’t wear a poppyand FIFA  (well wtf) -  I understand the management of FIFA are just now coming out of hiding!!
• Plus in June the majority of the country voted to ensure our long term independence and sovereignty.

I think that proves that yes we are patriotic.

So why, I ask you, why don’t we look to buy British produce as our first preference? 

Yesterday, we all suffered the fiasco that was Black Friday, but did that help the UK?                           
NO it didn’t, in fact I think it hinders our economy.  

The poor retailerswho joined in, many despite already suffering poor sales, had to give away a chunk of their precious pre-Christmas margin, just to keep in the race, and where did this revenue go – well NOT much in the UK coffers that’s for sure.

If and it's a BIG IF, the purchases made happened in high street stores or from UK based online    retailers then 20% VAT went to HMRC, but IF, as is the case with many online marketplaces (like Amazon etc.) the goods don’t even come from UK based sellers then Her Majesty & her team of Revenue Collectors don’t even get a cut of that action!

I expect that very few of the goods discounted by U.K. shops yesterday were British produced, most of them are imported from the Far East and sold as loss leaders at cost or for very little profit, so the “Chinese” win again.

Here comes the point of my rant :

Do you realise that if every person in the UK bought just ONE of their Christmas gifts from a British Manufacturer then it would put £1,000,000,000, yes one billion pounds directly back into the UK economy.

That’s one gift, not a big gift, any gift, just a gift, whatever you can affordI sound a bit like a charity collector; “Whatever you can to give (strike through) read BUY, Woollen Throw, Chutney, Hot Water Bottle Cover, Jewellery, Bicycle, Undies, Teapot, Sheepskin Rug , Cuddly Toy…………""

It doesn’t matter what product, just by buying one of your Christmas gifts from a UK manufacturer you will help to bolster the UK economy by up to one billion pounds – FACT. 

I don't think that's too much to ask for the long term survival of British Manufacturing. 
And of course we at OB would like to try to help you in this endeavour! 

From December 1st Owen Barry will be starting an advent calendar of Christmas offers with one offer a day for the 24 days running up until Christmas, and all of them fantastic deals.

Sneak preview:-  i.e. 24 days to go = 24 Sheepskin rugs for sale at only £24 each. Yes really. 
Check out social media and our website for the advent daily deals.

But it isn't just about OB - please try to buy at least one British Christmas Gift, check out #buybritishchristmas if you need some more inspiration.

Go on Santa,  please buy British because our country needs you.​

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