Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

Released On 26th Nov 2017

Not just in the George RR Martin world, but actually in the UK and more specifically Scotland in the Cindi B world.

This week has been a bit of a climate shock for me, the further north we have driven the more the weather has chilled around us.

To slightly re-cap, unfortunately, planning is sadly NOT my strong suit, so when I raced out of the office midweek to hit the M5/M6 - I didn’t even consider looking at the long term weather forecast.

It was fairly clement (in Somerset) for the time of year so my sole weather protection was a heavy hand knitted cardi and a light weight rain poncho - bonser (I thought).

Well, frankly I hadn’t got too far up the M6 when the poncho was more than fully tested, as the Lancashire floods chased me down Garstang High Street. Caroline from Dreams said, she wasn’t surprised I arrived late - a canoe would have perhaps been better!

Actually Caroline, not so, as Dave from the Isle of Skye informed me later in the week, the kayaking season has most definitely finished - far too risky, should you end up in the dark and icy drink....much better to go hill running in the snow!

So, here I am marching around the highlands in a very “bracing” minus 4 degrees, without my sheepskin coat!

FYI, I don’t have any other coats, I don’t own wool ones or mackintoshes, for me it is either summer i.e. shorts & birkies or winter = sheepy & boots and really nothing much in between.

But, and here is the point of this ramble - a very interesting fact :- My nozzled state found me discussing the chances of “frostbite” with the locals - NO I am not exaggerating, you can’t be too careful! As it was pointed out, the chances of me getting it are a lot higher than many!  .....frostbite always takes hold on fat first not muscle - thanks for that.

But frost bite is the bodies way of saving your life! When sensing extreme cold, the body cuts off all blood flow to our extremities. It just stops trying to look after those areas because the pumping of blood out thru “cold areas” then bringing it back to further chill your inner core is foolish.

So our clever bodies, make this decision and shut off all blood flow to the fingers, toes, ears, noses  
(& willys !) etc.

I am reliably informed, NOBODY ever died of frostbite - I thought that was very interesting.

So what does tell us? 

Winter has arrived, get your sheepskin coat out.

It will stop your body having to discard your precious appendages from being sacrificed in the cold!

We have some great cold weather pieces, mittens, gloves, scarves etc. all available online, or telephone Sarah 01458 442858 for more info.

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