Green Growth Certified

At Owen Barry we try hard every day to minimise our global footprint. Wherever possible, all of the skins that we use throughout our production are resourced solely from LWG approved tanneries with a minimum Silver Level rating. All the skins that we select, and use are 100% a by-product of the food industry.

Throughout our production we use our extensive industry knowledge and experience to resource and develop materials, trimmings and accessories that are as local and as environmentally kind as possible.

All plastics are kept to the absolute minimum, and when used are 100% biodegradable, other packaging stuffs are all paper based from FSC certified suppliers. There are many energy saving initiatives throughout the factory, with new additions such as electric charging being freely available to staff and visiting customers.

We have a very strong ethos of supporting other British manufacturers, with our boundaries being extended to European suppliers only when the correct quality or specification cannot be found locally.

One of the essential requirements for Green Growth certification is the adoption of the circular economy model, a principle that Owen Barry has adopted for many years.

There is very little waste left following our manufacturing process, the skins that we use are already a by-product from the food industry, then we select and cut them for optimum consumption, with every part of the skin being used, initially for the primary product, then secondary products are cut and made from the left over areas and finally the waste or scrap going as stuffing in lifestyle items such as pouffee’s, doorstops and draught excluders, ensuring that virtually nothing is thrown away.

Lifetime Guarantee

Alongside of our careful handcrafting artisan production methods that are low on energy consumption we also offer a lifetime guarantee, this no quibble repair or replacement guarantee together with a refurbishment service ensures that all Owen Barry products are the anthesis of the throwaway economy and can become heritage pieces that age well and offer huge value and purpose for their owner. More information here.

LWG or Leather Workers Group standards are the world’s leading, globally recognised audited benchmarks and criteria.

The Green Growth Certification is a warranty endorsed by Made in Britain.

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