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  • How to care for your Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover.
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  • How to care for your Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Covers.

Discover our expert’s secrets to keeping your OB sheepskin hot water bottle covers in tip-top shape!

Ever wondered how to care for your plush pals to ensure they emerge from their summer slumber as fresh and luxurious as ever? You’re not alone! Many have sought the key to cleaning and caring for these snuggly beauties before tucking them away for their seasonal siesta.

So, here are some expert suggestions for freshening up your sheepskin accessories before storing them away for the summer:

  1. Shake and Vac: Treat your sheepskin accessories to a spa day! Think of it as giving your hottie a luxurious massage before their summer vacation. Give them a good shake, even a bang against an outside wall, to loosen all the debris and dust, followed by a gentle hoover to remove any deep-down dirt.
  2. Spot Cleaning: For any pesky stains or spills, a bit of TLC goes a long way. Use a mild soap based detergent diluted in water and a soft cloth to gently dab away the blemishes followed by a damp cloth of clear water to rinse. Please be gentle – we’re aiming for a rejuvenating cleanse, not a vigorous scrub! Try not to soak the skin, and please let it dry naturally (no tumbling folks – be kind).
  3. Fresh Air Therapy: Take advantage of a sunny day by letting your sheepskin accessories soak up some natural goodness. Especially if you have spot washed (above). Hang them outside to air/dry out and breathe in the revitalizing breeze. It’s like a mini getaway for your woolly wonders!
  4. Lavender Love: Infuse a touch of aromatherapy into your sheepskin care routine. A lavender bag is the ideal answer , just tuck it inside the hottie to infuse with a delightful fragrance throughoutnthe summer while also helping to repel moths and other pesky critters. Alternatively, a spritz of lavender-scented fabric refresher (diluted Zoflora) onto your cover will do the same thing.
  5. Storage Savvy: When it’s time to tuck your sheepskin hottie away for the season, do so with style and care. Opt for a breathable storage bag or box, ensuring your accessories are shielded from dust, mites and light while still allowing them to breathe. Owen Barry Dust Bags are available in three sizes. View them here.
  6. Finally, don’t forget to toss in a few cedar chips or lavender bags for extra protection and a lingering scent of summer.

By following these suggestions, you’ll ensure your sheepskin hotties (and all of your OB sheepskin accessories) are stored lovingly for their summer sojourn, ready to make a grand entrance when autumn returns.

  • Factory Tours – snaps and what our guests had to say!

March has brought the return of guests for the OB factory tours.

We thought you might like to see a few behind the scenes snaps.

What our guests had to say:

“Best tour I have ever been on and I’ve been on a lot ” Sam C.

“Inspiring to appreciate the skills and expertise still being used everyday, hidden away in the heart of Somerset” Laura W.

“Thank you so much for such an interesting and fun tour/talk. 

Everyone enjoyed it and said how much they’ve learned and how comfortable everyone all looked at their jobs and that it must be a lovely place to work. 

They also said the gentleman in the uniform (Owen’s pic) looks like a film star ⭐️🤭 A great finish to the tour was the coffee/tea and the very tasty cakes. 

So again a big thank you to all”. Eveline x ….. and also from our President Doris and the ladies.  

Tours include the whole factory, it covers our heritage & history. The skins used, their origins, uses, their eco & ethical backgrounds.

All of the manufacturing processes. Questions throughout.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 am & 2 pm by appointment only. Group size 15 maximum. Refreshments are available (£3 per head). Minimum age 12 years old.

  • What would you like to learn – ask the OB experts!

In today’s world, heightened awareness about environmental, ethical, and economic concerns prompts consumers to prioritise repairing and reusing products. While OB proudly offers a lifetime guarantee, many of us feel empowered to take ownership and invest creatively in refurbishing or upcycling items throughout our homes.

Within OB, we boast a team of seasoned experts, amassing over 250 years of collective experience. We’re eager to lend our expertise, answer your enquiries**, and offer guidance wherever possible—completely free of charge. All we ask is that we can share our conversations, images, and solutions online, enriching the collective knowledge pool for others with similar inquiries.

** While we will try to help with any product, we cannot guarantee or be responsible for the success of our guidance used on other manufacturers’ products. We can only help on OB products with surety.

Excitingly, we’re considering launching workshops this summer. Picture a space where we join forces to breathe new life into OB products through upcycling or even embark on creating entirely new pieces.

But here’s where you come in: What products ignite your creative spark? What guidance do you seek to bring your vision to fruition?

We’re all ears and deeply invested in your input. Why not shoot us an email with your feedback or questions? Let’s explore how we can collaborate to repair, upcycle, or craft something extraordinary in leather or sheepskin together.

Your ideas could be the catalyst for something truly remarkable.

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