Cowhide Doorstop Tricolour | Chairman XL by Owen Barry


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Introducing the much-requested Owen Barry Tricolour Cowhide Doorstops, now available in Extra Large to bring even more sturdiness and heft to your doors and thoroughfares.

Each of these doorstops stands as a true testament to our upcycling excellence. Utilizing part skins and production leftovers from our designer handbag collections, we create unique, robust statement pieces that will undoubtedly make a striking addition to your home, office, or business.

The tastefully selected colours within a complementary tricolour. A mixture of brown, black, tan and white palette ensures that no two cowhide doorstops are alike, making each piece truly one of a kind.

Throughout their creation, these doorstops undergo a careful process. Initially filled with our sheepskin waste for sustainable padding ensuring protection for softwood, vintage or glass doors, they also reflect our commitment to eco-conscious practices.

For the heavier weight, a combination of sand and gravel is bagged and securely enclosed behind a strong Velcro closure.

The leather bases are expertly cut from upholstery-grade robust leather, ensuring exceptional durability and effortless movement across any surface without causing damage.

Enhancing their functionality, these Extra Large Cowhide Chairman's doorstops feature generous and sturdy carrying handles, facilitating easy portability.

As a Green Growth certified manufacturer, Owen Barry takes immense pride in our dedication to responsible practices. All our cowhide skins are ethically sourced as by-products of the food industry, and we prioritize sustainability by collaborating with LWG (Leather Workers Group) tanneries adhering to at least a minimum silver standard.

Please note that as this product features natural filling, the provided dimensions and weight are approximate, yet the exceptional quality and craftsmanship we uphold in every Owen Barry creation remain unmatched.


25 × 25 × 19 cm (depth × width × height)

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