Sheepskin Rug Swedish Taupe Brown | Quad by Owen Barry


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Introducing the OB Swedish Style Sheepskin Extra Large Quad Rug or Small Carpet, a best-selling choice in versatile Taupe Brown, guaranteed to infuse your decor with an natural Scandi vibe.

Each skin is meticulously hand-selected for its characteristic textured "Gotland look" with naturally curly and lustrous wool, making these hardwearing sheepskin rugs ideal for floor use as mats and carpets, as well as seat throws, sofa backs, and bed throws.

Shown here in 4 panel Quad size they are also available in Single, or Double sizes.

These skins epitomize Scandinavian charm and are favoured by interior artisans and furnishing experts wishing to incorporate natures Scandi flavour into both modern lifestyles.

Versatile and durable, these skins lend themselves perfectly to rugs, throws, bench & chair covers, and a variety of soft furnishings. The short Nordic wool adds a tactile and flexible feel to your home, inviting you to indulge in cozy comfort.

Maintenance is a breeze as these skins require very little care. A spot wash, shake, and a bit of fresh air on the washing line are all that's needed to refresh them. For more care guidelines, consult our product care guide.

Enhance your decor by pairing the Taupe Brown Swedish Style Quad Rug with complementing cushions, pillows, and other stylish lifestyle accessories from the OB collection for a cohesive look throughout your home.

Key Highlights:

- Hand-selected & joined in Somerset, UK, by skilled artisans with a legacy of craftsmanship.
- Available in 3 great colours for easy mix-and-match with lifestyle accessories.
- Made from 100% by-products of the food industry, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.
- Sourced from LWG certified tanneries, ensuring ethical and eco-friendly practices.
- Backed by our lifetime guarantee, a testament to the enduring quality of our products.

Don't forget, if you want to explore different skin colors or finishes before making your decision, request free-of-charge cuttings. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect knee blanket that complements your unique style and preferences. Enjoy the warmth, style, and eco-conscious luxury of our OB Swedish Style Sheepskin Quad Rug.

120 × 160 cm (depth × width × height)

  • Handmade in our own Somerset workshop
  • OB lifetime guarantee
  • Hand washable - see instructions
  • Cut from solid skins possibly with a small amount of joins

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