Sheepskin Rug Yetti Linen Brown | Quad Rug by Owen Barry


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Luxurious British Sheepskin Quad Yetti Rugs in stunning Linen Brown shade an undeniable statement piece guaranteed to bring unparalleled texture and individuality into your home.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these striking rugs are carefully hand-selected and joined together to create one magnificent, extra-large rug or a small carpet.

The result is a versatile masterpiece that complements various spaces, from living rooms to bedrooms, and even as wall hangings or sofa back covers, offering endless possibilities to elevate your interior decor.

What sets our Linen Yetti Sheepskin Quad Rugs apart from the Luxe Sheepskin Rugs is the distinctive natural profile of the wool. The Yetti rugs boast shaggy and slightly curly wool, while the Luxe sheepskin undergoes a meticulous process of ironing, combing, and straightening, resulting in a smoother more fluffy wool, akin to a post-hairdresser makeover.

The credit for the bohemian Yetti finish goes to Fenlands of Bridgwater, a Somerset Tannery that introduced this stunning look over 30 years ago. While Fenlands has since closed its doors, its legacy lives on as several other tanneries now produce this popular style, proving that good things truly come from Somerset!

Our sheepskin rugs are not just limited to the floor; they serve as exquisite mats, carpets, seat covers, and even curtains for draft-proofing, adding a touch of warmth and opulence to any space.

At Owen Barry, we offer three sizes for our sheepskin rug collection: singles, doubles, and quads. While the sizing may vary slightly due to the natural pelts' characteristics, rest assured that we hand-select and match them in our own Somerset workshop, ensuring minimal variation and maximum quality.

These rugs are very easy care, please check out the OB product care area of this website.

Finally, all OB products are a by product of the food industry that comes with the OB no quibble Lifetime Guarantee.

110 × 170 cm (depth × width × height)

  • Handmade in our own Somerset workshop
  • OB lifetime guarantee
  • 100% by-product of food industry
  • Hand washable - see instructions

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