Sheepskin Seatpad Yetti Hamstone Brown | Square Seatpad by Owen Barry


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Seatpads to make you smile ? Yep here at OB we make them in 4 wonderful Yetti sheepskin colours.

Eco friendly with the Wow factor, they will make a quick and easy design makeover in your home.

These OB Real Sheepskin Square seatpads in Yetti Hamstone will undoubtedly do that.

As well as the head turning impact you will also enjoy the immediate comfort and warmth while benefitting from their enduring quality and easy care credentials.

You can elevate any chair or give a cohesive stylish look to a group of chairs with the designer good looks of our Yetti seatpads in Hamstone Brown a versatile, rich brown sheepskin that oozes natures warmth, cosiness and textures.

Credit for this beautiful bohemian skin goes to Fenlands of Bridgwater, a Somerset Tannery just down the road from us. They introduced this stunning Yetti style sheepskin over 30 years ago, sadly, Fenlands are no longer trading but the legacy of their tanning prowess is still to be respected and its popularity has now led to other tanneries producing these stunning Yetti rugs. Another example of beautiful things originating in Somerset!

Designed to offer ultimate designer style, these seatpads not only bring elegance, functionality, and impact to your home but are also hard-wearing and easy to care for, please check out our Product care area on this website.

You can rely on their durability for your long-lasting enjoyment.

At OB we have over 75 years of sheepskin expertise, we ensure all our sheepskins are carefully sourced and responsibly procured as by-products of the food industry from LWG (Leather Workers Group) tanneries adhering to stringent standards, making them an eco-conscious choice.

Why not create an even more impactful designer look by pairing these Yetti sheepskin seat pads with another item from the OB collection, perhaps cushions, rugs, or the ultimate, a Yetti Sheepskin Beanbag? .

Upholding our Green Growth and circular economy commitment, these seat pads are hand-cut from solid skins, this could involve minimal patching that is discreetly visible from underneath, ensuring economical material usage.

Measuring 40x40cms this is the measurement of the pelt, the long shaggy wool will expand much further all the way around, giving a visible coverage of more like 45cms. These seat pads suit home and office chairs, and bring a statement to benches and banquettes, revitalising even the saddest of cold seating areas.
If you require special dimensions, our customisation service caters to your needs.

Key Highlights:

- Handcrafted in Somerset, UK, by skilled artisans with an impressive 250+ years legacy of craftsmanship.
- Available in four versatile Yetti colours for seamless mixing and matching with other OB lifestyle accessories.
- Made from whole skins that are by-products of the food industry, reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainability.
- All skins are sourced from LWG certified tanneries, ensuring ethical and eco-friendly practices.
- Backed by our lifetime guarantee, a testament to the enduring quality of our products.

Explore your options confidently with free-of-charge cuttings of different skin colours or finishes. Our dedication to helping you find the perfect lifestyle accessory to complement your unique home remains unwavering.

We guarantee that you will elevate your home to the next level with these impactful Real Sheepskin Square seat pads in stunning Hamstone Yetti Brown.

Experience the instant impact, luxury and texture they bring, embracing their warmth, comfort, durability, and ease of care, they will add more than a touch of va-va-voom to your home.

40 × 40 cm (depth × width × height)

  • Handmade in our own Somerset workshop
  • OB lifetime guarantee
  • 100% by-product of food industry
  • Customised sizes available
  • Hand washable - see instructions

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