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Small Sheepskin Beanbag in glorious textured Scandi-style Sheepskin. It is shown here in sumptuous Taupe Brown, perfect and practical for smaller spaces and impromptu seating.

Our Small beanbag is hand cut and made in the West Country from Swedish Style Sheepskin colour Taupe Brown. It is stunning for bringing texture and statement into your home.

This small bean bag is great for tighter seating areas and is superb for kids and gaming rooms.

It is robust, lightweight and low maintenance, so using it as a footstool or a drum is also a great idea.

If you want to use this bean bag as a nest or deeper seat, offering a burrow to support babies or younger children, then remove some of the beans to make a larger "dip".
The small beanbag is filled with fire retardant beans secured in the stockinette sleeve and a protective leather zip cover ensures no escapee beans. Great for stopping investigative little fingers!

It is worth mentioning that sheepskin has its thermostat supplied by Mother Nature, so sheepskin keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer - good, isn't it?
Also, one last thing: the benefits of the sheepskin texture have been noted as a stimulus and soother for baby fingers when they are starting to explore the world they are growing into - cool, hey?

With an upholstery genuine leather protective base, it can be placed onto any household surface or dragged by smaller folk without worry of damage.

Did you know that regular gentle vacuuming will help minimise grubbiness - especially in the games room, where nibbles seem to get everywhere? Also, Spot Washing is no problem, TBH washing is also no problem, but it should be done correctly, please check out our Materials or Product Care sections to learn more about the skins OB select and how to look after them perfectly.

Here are some of the features and benefits that come with an Owen Barry Small Sheepskin beanbag:

* Lightweight, portable and child friendly.
* Selected sheepskin for ultimate comfort and easy maintenance
* Handcrafted in Somerset, UK, by craftsmen with over 250 years of experience between them.
* Pre-filled with beans for easy installation
* Protective leather zip cover
* Toning upholstery quality leather base
* Lifetime guarantee

Finally, If you would like to explore different sheepskin qualities and colours before making your decision, feel free to request free-of-charge cuttings. We're here to help you find the perfect skin for this stunning investment piece.

45 × 70 × 70 cm (depth × width × height)

  • YKK zips
  • Handmade in our own Somerset workshop
  • OB lifetime guarantee
  • 100% by-product of food industry
  • Upholstery quality leather base
  • Fire retardant beans
  • Internal stockinette sleeve
  • Protective leather zip cover
  • Refill beans available (Chargeable)

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Beanbag Sizes
SizeDimensions  (depth × width × height)
Small 45 × 70 × 70 cm
Large70 × 95 × 95 cm
Sumo (Extra Large)120 × 120 × 65 cm

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