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Cowhide Clutch Bag Gold Pebbles/Platino - Kings

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Our Kings Cowhide & Leather combination clutch bag is a signature piece in the Owen Barry collection.  Very often chosen in the customised offering to complement wedding and evenin... Read Full Description
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Our Kings Cowhide & Leather combination clutch bag is a signature piece in the Owen Barry collection. 

Very often chosen in the customised offering to complement wedding and evening outfits.  

The ingenious hinged snap clasp - offers the perfect solution of security and easy hands-free access - brilliant.

Kings can be carried as a neat fold over, or of course, large & flat if the contents dictate.

Fully lined and available from stock in a curated selection of colours, Kings is available in the softee classic, glace, metallic, and heavy metal as well as Cowhide combinations, so if you don't see a colourway that complements that special outfit, check out the customisation section and we can help you chose a leather and/or combination that is perfect and individual to you.

The Owen Barry insignia is tastefully positioned on the snap hem, subtly endorsing your choice in British Made quality and styling. 


  • Concealed signature hinged snap
  • Fully lined with an internal leather pocket
  • Italian components

Dimensions: H 2 CM x W 31 CM x D 24 CM



Owen Barry Cowhides are a signature part of all our collections, quite a few are limited editions developed exclusively for OB and will not be available anywhere else throughout the UK & Europe.

At this point, for the sake of clarity, we should emphasise that all our hair on products are Cowhide (not pony) and are 100% a bi-product of the food industry.

Acido is a stunning finish applied to the cowhides, each hide is individual, the hair has been removed at random, making every skin totally individual, where the hair loss occurs a finish/colour has been applied, our most popular spotting/. finishes being, Silver, Gold & Rancho Brown.

Tricolour is a description that encompasses a variety of natural cowhides, Tricolour, technically means including 3 colours, usually, shades of Browns/Tans, Whites/Beiges & Blacks to differing degrees, these markings are all natural and NO two pieces are the same.  Owen Barry, select only the prettiest of cowhides, and our cutters hand select and cut them to ensure a good variety and attractive placement within every bag. 

Printed Cowhides These are the most uniform of our cowhide, still 100% a bi-product of the food industry these skins have been selected for their uniformity (within reason, this is always a natural product) and then the screen printing finish applied - so,  standard joke,  there have been no Dalmatian puppies, Zebra's or Leopards etc. killed in the making of our bags, everything is just printed - very nicely printed, but nothing more than that.

Laser cut Cowhides The laser cutting process has been applied to the cowhides, patterns and styles can range from geometrical, thru floral and unclude things like "croc" finishes, this laser cutting adds another layer of texture and variety to our cowhides.



Metallic Leather

Metallic leather plays an important role in the Owen Barry collection.

Often OB metallic leather is a stunning foil used with Cowhides and Heavy Metal feature skins, but actually, it is stunningly beautiful in its own right.

Soft, tactile and not too shiny, all of our metallic leathers are hand selected, the skins are very natural and only finished with a metallic top dress to a certain level of protection ( otherwise they become very hard, boardy and plastic looking - not nice!!).  So with reasonable wear and tear, they will be fine, but much like us all, too much robust treatment and they will start to show the effects of life, we love that - a bag is for using not for looking at - and especially a metallic bag, let it shine !. 

If you would like to see cuttings of any Metallic Leathers to help you make your choice please visit our customisation page and send an email. 



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