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Sheepskin Toscana Beanie Hat - Corby

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Merino Curly

Merino Curly Sheepskin (Shearling):- The characteristic of curly sheepskins is one of the most natural, essentially, the fleece is left soft and curly as you would find in nature. The wool is dense and warm, giving your winter coat a snuggly cosy feel.

The pelt side can be finished with either sueded or napalan (leather) surface.

Sueded: OB hand select all their skins to ensure that the suede surface is always soft and sensual, with a slight velvet nap on the suede.

Napalan: Is both a protective and a fashion finish, the leather surface can offer more protection against staining and grubbiness.

In our Somerset workshops every skin is painstakingly matched for every coat, by toning with adjoining skins we ensure that the garment is completely consistent in colour and texture all over, matching is a very skilled process, with many years training to perfect,  if the matching process is not carried out to the highest standard, a shearling garment can include many multicoloured panels,  OB also match the wool side of the coat as well ensuring that when you open it,  inside there is a consistency throughout. 

If you would like to see cuttings of any of our Merino Curly Sheepskins to help you make your choice please visit our customisation page and send an email 



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Questions And Answers
Question: is this hat black or navy please - I cannot quite tell? thanks Bridget.
By Bridget Colloby - Wiltshire - 11/11/2018
Answer: Hi Bridget, Thank you for your question, the Corby is shown in Navy. Please let me know if you require anymore information, or would like a cutting of the skin. Thank you
By Chas Barnstable - 11/11/2018
Question: Hi, is this hat in one size only? I have a small head and so i'm not sure how one size would fit all as I would like my hat to have a snug fit. I also like the bow sheepskin gloves but again they are only in one size - how does the same size fit all hand sizes?
By Debbie Jones - West Yorkshire - 17/01/2019

Morning Debbie, Thank you for your email and for your interest in Owen Barry products.

Corby Hat - Hmmm - yes it is usually a one size fit, based on a head circumference of 58cms, this together with the wool density and the natural elasticity in the skin allows for the hat to fit larger sizes - however, small heads, not so much, I think it would be too big for you, we have girls here with smaller heads and this Corby is too large.

We can gladly make one smaller for you - no problem, it will be the same price, and would only take a couple of days - the best thing, if you do decide you would like one - tell us the circumference of your head and we can ensure we get in that ballpark - as stated above the wool pile and the natural elasticity does afford a little tolerance. 

Bow Gloves - These are one size - based on a medium (size 7- 7.5 hand size) - measure around the palm of your hand just above the V of the thumb and if it measures much less than 7 inches - these gloves are going to be too big for you -- interesting point, you don't want tight gloves, they will not keep your hands warm, a bit of room for air to circulate is important.

Another, good thing they are not overly long in the fingers, there is nothing worse than ends of your fingers flapping about.

Fingers crossed that helps - s'cuse the pun !! 

By Cindi Barnstable - 17/01/2019

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