The Growing Popularity of Sustainable Sheepskin Accessories

In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed a shift towards sustainability. This is more than just a passing trend, it’s a change in the way people shop driven by not only an awareness of environmental issues, but also a growing demand for products that align with ethical values. Not to mention, the willingness to… Continue reading The Growing Popularity of Sustainable Sheepskin Accessories


Behind the scenes, product advice and snippets from the OB Workshop. Scroll down for: Discover our expert’s secrets to keeping your OB sheepskin hot water bottle covers in tip-top shape! Ever wondered how to care for your plush pals to ensure they emerge from their summer slumber as fresh and luxurious as ever? You’re not… Continue reading Newsletter

Sheepskin – 6 reasons why it is the perfect protection against winter weather

These days, when everything has to be newer, faster, state of the art and technically whizzo, I would like to say a few words in defence of the traditional method of keeping warm and protected against the winter elements.

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