In these unusual times please can we take a moment to reassure you?


Owen Barry - British Made Handbags,  Outerwear and Interiors.

Please be assured all orders are still being hand made and despatched very promptly.

At Owen Barry our raison d'être has always been to help our clients find the best quality and value for money whilst guaranteeing them service and eco surety;  even during these unprecedented times, that is still our primary goal.

We have a small very dedicated team fulfilling orders and helping customers, so please don't hesitate to telephone, email and ideally carry on purchasing from us - we would sincerely appreciate your support, perhaps even more so at the moment! 

The Owen Barry staff are the heart and soul of our British manufacturing business, many of the team have been with us "forever" and we obviously want it to stay that way,  therefore we are doing everything we can to keep them safe.  We resource all our materials carefully, we do not allow anything into our workshop that would undermine the safety of our staff, customers or the tenet of our ethics. 

All items sold are handled with the utmost care and respect, they are packaged and presented with you the end consumer always top of mind.

So please, whatever you are looking for in sheepskin, leather or cowhide, I believe that Owen Barry is well qualified to help you. Five generations of the Barry family have been involved with the tanning and handcrafting beautiful leather and sheepskin products from our factory here in Street, Somerset, UK and hope to be so for many years to come.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and please stay safe.

Cindi Barnstable, Managing Director.


70 (1948 - 2018)

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Handcrafted especially for you 

- Made to Order

Because everything is handcrafted in our own Somerset workshop, we can offer you a very personalised service.

If you are looking for an Owen Barry handbag or product that is more individual to you,  then we will be pleased to help you create that specific colour combination - here are some more details.


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