Here at Owen Barry we are committed to supplying the very highest quality products, hand cut and made here in Somerset, UK by skilled craftspeople from the finest skins. 

We thoroughly check and quality control our products throughout the production process with an especially rigorous check by the QC dept. before despatch.  

Over time even though our products are perfect when they leave our factory, sadly, issues can sometimes develop.

If there is ever a manufacturing problem that stops you using your OB product we will repair it for you free of charge; there is no deadline to this guarantee, whether a new product or an old one, we will always stand by our products 100% and we will always endeavour to help you.

However, what we cannot give is an unlimited lifetime guarantee on the wear & tear of our skins, we just ask you to be fair about this, please.  

Sadly the expectation on skins can be quite arbitrary and very reflective of the treatment any product receives, e.g. a leather bean bag in a busy house with animals & kids traffic, will age & distress much more quickly than in a less busy more sedate household, and the same applies to a handbag that is used daily and robustly, (which, by the way,  IS NOT wrong, we love you to have loads of happy easy use),  but to be frank, regular day to day use will, over time, start to show on the leathers, cowhide and sheepskins that we use (that’s life!!).

We do use very beautiful, soft and natural skins, this means they are quite “naked” and don’t have a great deal of heavy spray or “plastic” top coatings on them, that is why our bags & other products are so lightweight tactile and ooze the quality you love. 

However, that also means these less coated natural skins are potentially more vulnerable to signs of ageing.  Many people think this is distressing or “breaking in” is beautiful, reflecting the quality of the skin and a small price to pay for a stunning piece of leather.

All we ask is that you are fair and realistic about your expectations.

We will always try to help an Owen Barry customer, especially with manufacturing and hardware issues, but with the skin, please remember, we all get older and a little more worn & tired around the edges! 

If the product cannot be repaired satisfactorily, then we will offer you a replacement, free of charge, please understand, in these rare cases, we cannot always guarantee that we will have the exact same skins in stock and will have to offer you an alternative; similarly if the style is very old and no longer part of our range an alternative style is all we can offer.

If you have a problem

First and foremost, we would ask you to contact the retailer where you purchased the product, ideally, you will need your proof of purchase.  If you don’t know the retailer etc. then contact us at and we will try to help you track them down.

If you bought the product directly from us, please email:  

If dealing remotely we will ask you to send images of the issue, so that we can evaluate the best way to help you and advise from there, for example, hardware issues can usually quickly be addressed with free of charge replacements being posted etc. 

Items that are not covered are samples, seconds and factory sale items, such products are sold as seen, they will have been heavily reduced and are excluded from the lifetime guarantee.

What if the issue is your fault?

– If you already know that you did the damage (it happens!!) don’t worry we will help here as well. Please check our Repair and Refurbish sections.

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