Hot Water Bottle Cover 0.2L British Ivory | Flat Eric Jr. by Owen Barry


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Flat Eric Junior is an adorable real sheepskin hot water bottle cover that is delivered with the hot water bottle included.

Lovingly hand-cut and made in Somerset, UK, from a soft Ivory British sheepskin, it’s perfect for children of all ages.

This snuggly companion is an ideal gift for anyone who needs a warm, soothing cuddle year-round.

Learn more below:

Remember how adorable you found the original Flat Eric? Well, allow us to introduce you to its younger sibling, Flat Eric Junior – the embodiment of the "awwww" factor.

This compact real sheepskin hot water bottle cover takes the form of a small teddy, and it comes with a 0.2L German-made hot water bottle already snugly installed. The craftsmanship shines through as it's handcrafted from the softest and most inviting ivory British sheepskin.

Filling it up remains a breeze – a cleverly positioned slit on the bear's head and the bottle's generously wide neck ensure safe and effortless filling. Once filled, the bottle tucks in comfortably behind the invitingly warm exterior.

As always, practicality is paramount. Flat Eric Junior can be hand-washed with ease. Should the need arise, simply remove the cover via the envelope-style back for a gentle hand wash. Remember to choose a gentle temperature and let it air dry naturally. For a comprehensive guide, peruse our product care section.

The lush density of the sheepskin isn't just about coziness – it also ensures unparalleled protection. Not only does it create a barrier between the bottle and your skin, but it also ensures the heat stays precisely where it should, minimizing any risk of burns or scalds. And let's not forget the magic of the sheepskin's thickness, which keeps the bottle warm for a longer stretch.

The creation process is a labour of love, with each cover meticulously hand-cut and handcrafted in our Somerset workshops. Drawing on over 75 years of sheepskin mastery, Owen Barry takes pride in being the UK's oldest and largest manufacturer of sheepskin lifestyle and outerwear products.

Offering practicality without compromising ethics, these Hot Water Bottle Covers come in four designer favourite Swedish hues, all crafted from sheepskin sourced ethically from LWG certified tanneries. Our dedication to sustainability remains steadfast. find out more about our sheepskin selection here

And, of course, the renowned Owen Barry lifetime guarantee is a testament to the enduring quality and customer-focused service we offer.

A quick note: While the Owen Barry Lifetime Guarantee doesn't extend to the Fashy bottle, even when paired with this irresistibly cute sheepskin cover, it's still an investment worth considering.

For those curious about the hot water bottles and their credentials, delve into the details here. And remember, this extraordinary cover arrives with the bottle pre-installed.

Choosing Owen Barry means embracing a fusion of sheepskin mastery, product sustainability, and conscientiousness – all wrapped up in the lap of undeniable luxury.

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Hot Water Bottle Cover Sizes
Style Dimensions (depth × width × height) Bottle IncludedSize Bottle
Flat Eric Jr4 x 28 x 25 cmYes 0.2L
Flat Eric 3 x 33 x 39 cm Yes 0.8L
Micro5.5 × 16 × 19 cmYes0.2L
Medium6.5 × 19 × 28 cmYes0.8L
Standard3 × 24 × 36 cmNo2L

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