Sheepskin Classic Aviator Jacket in IZL Vintage Brown

These days, when everything has to be newer, faster, state of the art and technically whizzo, I would like to say a few words in defence of the traditional method of keeping warm and protected against the winter elements.

I suggest that mother nature’s way i.e. with the classic sheepskin is a winner. Whether it be outdoors with a coat, hat, pair or of mittens, or snuggling up with a sheepskin throw, slippers or seat pad, sheepskin is the most reliable provider of instant warmth, comfort and shield against the cold.

Here are our top 6 reasons why we think you should consider sheepskin:

1) It has a natural thermostat:

Sheepskin is super warm when it needs to be, but Mother Nature has given it a natural thermostat. In other words, it allows air to circulate throughout the fibres of the wool meaning that sheepskin, in its most natural state, will regulate to your body’s own temperature. When worn with just one or two layers of non-synthetic clothes, sheepskin will provide you with all the heat you need without overheating.

These properties work equally well with sheepskin beanbags, throws and lifestyle products. For many years experts have acknowledged the benefits of sheepskin in the nursing of babies and the elderly, but surely all of us deserve a bit of luxury and comfort at home? We believe there’s nothing better than the sumptuous warmth, relaxation and stress-busting a sheepskin home accessory provides.  No cat or dog? Seriously folks, when you stroke a sheepskin cushion whilst cuddled up listening to your favourite music… well that’s bliss in our book. 

2) Come rain or shine:

You can get your “sheepy” out of the wardrobe as soon as the leaves start to change and when those cold crisp mornings make you shiver. If then you’re anything like us, it won’t go back until the daffodils are nodding. That’s easily 5 months of reliable protection.

Plus, you never have to worry about the rain. A sheepskin will keep you dry in the most torrential of downpours and is easy to care for. Check out the OB section on product care including drying a wet sheepskin here ».  

3) Hey good looking:

Is there any piece of clothing that screams quality more than a sheepskin or shearling (same thing) jacket or accessory?  In these days of rip-offs and fakes, you can’t tell a real Moncler or Canada Goose jacket from an imitation. However, regardless of the brand, just the fact of being a shearling states discerning quality. It cannot be understated, subconsciously we all know when somebody wears a sheepskin it says a lot about them.

Similarly, in the home, sheepskin accessories are welcoming and relaxing, whilst quietly saying good taste and luxury!

Frankly, sheepskin is the original Tesla!

And that brings us onto Mother Nature herself…

4) Protecting the environment:

Whilst there’s a need to provide the world with meat/protein there’s going to be a never-ending resource of animal skins. If these skins are not upcycled into sheepskin or leather products they would have to go into landfill. Or worse, burnt!

Please understand, there’s no other use for this by-product of the food industry, it’s the skill of the sheepskin tannery technicians that turns these “food wrappers” into desirable eco-friendly biodegradable materials. Sheepskin is 100% a by-product from the food industry.

5) Antiques Roadshow?:

Hand me down or heritage? In the fashion category, there are very few things in a family’s wardrobe that get handed down through the generations and become more treasured with age.  Jewellery, handbags, perhaps a good tweed jacket, but always sheepskins. Here at OB, we get fairly regular emails from people who have inherited one of our sheepskin pieces. They’re always thrilled with it and want to know the background and, if possible, the value. That brings us nicely on to money:

6) Value for money:

If you think about the timelessness of a sheepskin item, and the multiple years you will use and enjoy it, I wager it will be one of the best value items you ever buy.

Let’s compare the average sheepskin jacket costing £900 with a lifetime of 30 years wear to a Gore-tex jacket. Say £250 from Patagonia, which has a lifespan of 3 years. The sheepskin will keep you warm and dry for life, and not have to be “recoated” every one or two years.

And don’t forget, sheepskin always has a resell value.

But a word of caution here. One thing we hear far too frequently is people bemoaning the fact they sold or gave away their sheepskin/shearling item. They tell us they wish they still had it and realise it’s worth. This leaves them now looking to replace that much-missed piece.

So there you have it. Our top 6 reasons for considering sheepskin. A good investment for protecting you, your family, your pennies and our environment. Wouldn’t you agree? 

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