What do you keep in your handbag ? 

A multi pocket bag seems to be at the front of a lot of people’s minds lately… Yes, in these COVID careful times everybody is focused on ensuring they have enough pockets for things like face masks, phones, keys and cards, not forgetting hand sanitiser – keeping that handy is a must nowadays. 

Anyway, we’ve had a lot of questions and conversations lately about the benefit of a multi pocket bag, and how many pockets we put in ours, in particular Mums who tell us they keep all sorts of things in their handbags. Especially on the school run – so much to carry! 

Check out the OB Bag Bingo below and add up how many things are always in your handbag. 

The perfect gift for a busy Mum

If you are thinking of buying an important lady, Mum, Gran or yourself (the most important surely?!) an Owen Barry bag as a gift, perhaps for Mother’s Day then you can be assured that all OB bags have a variety of different pockets, depending upon the bag size and function. We think we’ve thought of a multi pocket bag design to suit every taste! 

Inside and outside pockets

There’s so much to think about when choosing a bag specifically for its pockets. Do you want pockets on the inside and on the outside? Would access be easier/quicker with a zipper or popper/mag dot opening?  Oh, questions, questions. Also, leather trigger fobs for your keys are always useful but not always included in some bags, so look out for that too. 

As bag designers it is always very important to get the right balance of pockets, ensuring function whilst not making OB bags too heavy and cumbersome. There is, in our opinion, a sweet spot between good practical secure pockets and carrying too much “unnecessary” weight.

One of the key OB objectives is glorious lightweight comfy bags that are easy to carry (over long distances), whilst having strong leather pockets and secure YKK zippers. Anyone that owns an OB bag should agree with that we hope.

Of course, quite a few of our bags will hold the kitchen sink if necessary,  but we will still try to persuade you to look after your back and shoulders by regular emptying and editing  – sorry not nagging, honest! 

Do you remember when I did my Bag Bingo quiz last year (which loads of you loved)? 

The average number of items always carried was about 14, but there were lots of comments about the extras or different things you carried over and above the 25 options listed.

I couldn’t believe some of the things that you carry in your handbag – many of them food-related. l seem to recall cutlery played a big part, as did condiments! One lady could never be without salt & bbq sauce! Then the infamous Tupperware containers were high on your requirements too – who knew?

Oh how things changed for a while, but hopefully not long now and we will all be able to take our lunchboxes and enjoy breaks with our workmates, in the sun would be great!

Dogs, socks and toolkit,

Then there was the lady who carried her puppy! Now that’s pet care at the highest level.

Trainers, socks, clean knickers and a plethora of other things also come up time and time again…. you know, I concluded then that I lead a very boring life! 

And the lady who needed to carry a screwdriver and a spanner, now she would be a great friend to have! 

Anyway, I thought I would remind you of bag bingo with a few revised contents:

Have a go and tell me what I have missed this time, then I can ensure when designing our next multi pocket bag, I include multiple pockets to hold your **scuba gear **pillow **collapsible chair **cuddly toy (** please delete as appropriate).

If you would like to know about our multi pocket bags, or indeed any of our bags, take a look at our buyers guide »

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