Sheepskin Cushions and Lumbar Pillows Assorted

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest impact when it comes to the aesthetics of your home. This is particularly true with the addition of statement accessories, like cushions and throws. Whether you want to change up your interior design or you’re just looking for the perfect finishing touches, the right home accessories can be incredibly effective.

Sheepskin cushions have the power to transform any room into a cosy, stylish haven. They’re not only a functional addition to your home, but also act as a focal point, drawing the eye and adding a layer of texture to the space. You can use them on a sofa, armchair or bed to create an inviting atmosphere and enhance the overall ambience of your home.


Elevating Home Decor with Sheepskin Cushions

Sheepskin cushions are more than just a comfortable addition to your living space, they are a statement of style and comfort. Their luxurious texture and unique appearance can elevate the look and feel of any room, complementing various decor styles, from modern minimalism to rustic charm. The natural look of sheepskin adds an organic touch to interiors too, bringing a piece of the natural world into indoor settings. This combination of beauty and functional design makes sheepskin cushions a versatile and appealing choice for any homeowner looking to enhance their living environment.

A Simple Way to Refresh Your Space

One of the easiest and most effective ways to refresh your living space is by introducing new textures. Sheepskin cushions, for instance, can add an element of warmth and luxury to an otherwise ordinary chair. Whether it’s a reading nook or a dining area, a sheepskin cushion can elevate both the comfort and appearance of the chair. These cushions can also be a quick update for seasonal changes, bringing a cosy feel during colder months. They’re an excellent choice for homeowners who enjoy changing their home’s look without committing to major renovations or investments in new furniture.

Versatility in Styles and Designs

Sheepskin cushions come in a wide array of styles, so there’s something to suit every taste and interior style. From traditional white and cream hues to dyed varieties in bold colours, the options are endless. Some feature long, shaggy wool for a dramatic effect, while others have shorter, more refined wool for a sophisticated look. This variety extends beyond colour and texture, sheepskin cushions are available in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to create different arrangements and combinations. You can mix and match different styles to create a unique and personalised look in your home.

The Comfort Factor

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, sheepskin cushions are incredibly comfortable. Sheepskin is naturally soft and plush, making it an ideal material for cushions that you can sink into after a long day. These cushions will transform your sofa or armchair into an inviting haven of relaxation, creating your new favourite place to sit. Since air can circulate throughout the fibres of the sheepskin, it will help to regulate your body temperature too. Whether the sun is shining or there is snow coming down outside, sheepskin cushions are the perfect year-round accessory to add to your home.

A Sustainable Choice

In today’s environmentally conscious world, choosing home decor items that are both stylish and sustainable is more important than ever. Sheepskin is a natural, renewable material and when sourced responsibly, it’s a sustainable choice for home furnishings. At OB, we hand select skins that are 100% byproducts from the food industry, so you can enjoy the luxury of a plush cushion without compromising on your environmental values. Now consumers are more aware of the wider impact their purchases have, eco-friendly biodegradable materials like sheepskin are the perfect choice for your interior design.

Sheepskin Throw Swedish Mole with statement toning cushions various sizes

Durability and Longevity

The resilience of sheepskin is one of its most beneficial features, especially when used for homeware items. This material is known for its durability, and it can withstand daily wear and tear to maintain its luxurious appearance. Sheepskin wool has an inherent dirt-repellent, so regular brushing, vacuuming and shaking can keep your cushions looking their best. Over time, sheepskin cushions can even become softer and more comfortable. This enduring quality ensures that sheepskin cushions are not just a temporary addition to your decor but a lasting element of your home’s aesthetic.

Elevate Your Home with Sheepskin Cushions

Incorporating sheepskin cushions into your interior design is a simple yet impactful way to enhance the comfort and appearance of your home. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, they offer an easy solution to refresh any living space. Whether you’re looking to add visual interest to your living room or improve the comfort of your favourite chair, sheepskin cushions are an excellent choice to transform your home into a stylish and cosy retreat.

Here at OB, we supply a range of lifestyle items and with sheepskin, cowhide and leather products to choose from, there is something for everyone. We have been working with these materials since the 1800s and are just as passionate about them today, ensuring we provide well-crafted products to our customers. In addition to shopping online, you can visit our shop in Somerset to view some of our sheepskin chair cushions in person.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our materials; we can supply you with free-of-charge swatches to help you find the perfect accessories for your home.

Plus, we can always quote you for customised sizes or shapes to elevate that hard-to-fit area.


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